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Recorded Performances, sound and video
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by a mask tale, Video Production, 80 minutes. Video Art Works.
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September 29, Videocassette.
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60 minutes. November. Videocassette.
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1988        Showcase Performance. Produced and Directed by J.D. Video.
20 minutes. Connecticut Commission on the Arts. Videocassette.
Masks and Tales. with David Simons. Produced and Directed
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University. 60 minutes. Videocassette. 1 July 1987
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Procession to Celebrate the Second Coming of the Great Goddess.
Produced and directed by the Everson Museum. 60 minutes. Videocassette.
Sarah and Hagar. Four Chosen Women. The Edison Theater, NYC, Produced and directed by    Suzanne Benton. 20 minutes.
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"Interview with Suzanne Benton". Male and Female Roles Today. Source Library. Fairfield CT. 60 minutes. 1/4" Sound recording.
18 March 1970.
Chitrangoda, steel,
11"x7 ½ "x6"
Makonde, bronze on steel,
21 3/4 x 12 x 10 1/2 inches
Suzanne Benton
Performing Ariadne & Theseus
Phaestos, Greece
Beloved, detail, steel, 79x18x14 inches
List of Publications
and Books, Catalogs and CD for purchase
Benton, Suzanne, The Art of Welded Sculpture.
New York. Van Nostrand Reinhold. 1975. $45.
The Journey Letters of a Traveling Artist,
Four Blackbirds Press. 2001. $2
Catalogs (see Catalogs link to review)
Myths, Masks,
Legends & Lifestory
, $20.

Suzanne Benton, Spirit of Hope: Selected
Works from 1963 to 2003. $20.
Face and Figure, Selected Works
1955-2005, $15
The Women's Car
acrylic & pastel, 24x18 in
Non Gae Mask Tale