Metal Sculpture by Suzanne Benton
Beloved, detail. welded steel, polyurethane finish
79x18 x 14 inches

Menorah (Sabbath and Channukah-two extra branches fit on and off), bronze, 110 x 58 x 50 inches
Beloved, welded steel, polyurethane finis, 79x18 x 14 inches, two views
Detail, Tower II (from I am a Woman Theater Set
copper coated steel, 9’5'x13”x10’5”-two views  
Queens College Rosenthal Library CUNY collection
Suzanne Benton has created over 700 welded metal
sculpture works and masks. With a BA from Queens
College (CUNY) i
n Fine Arts, Benton went on to study
welded sculpture at the Silvermine School of Art, New
Canaan, CT
, 1965. What she thought would be her last 1996, those she brought
to Sarajevo and Zenica,
Bosnia t
o lead mask and story workshops with refugee
women and youth
, that is until she worked in Dhaka,
, 2011, leading a welding sculpture workshop,
Sculpture Department of Dhaka University and there
created two
new welded masks.
  Early on, Benton described her fascination with the
welding process: "I found my medium, the welding torch,
the great transformer. It brought me into a cosmic world. I
had to live in that sphere of consciousness every day,
watching, making the metal move according to my will, my
intuition, my brain; I was enchanted by the repetitive
actions and the shapes as they appeared before me."
artworks are in public and private collections worldwide.
Mother and Child, copper coated steel, 16x22x14 in.
Pelvic Woman, copper coated steel, 20 x 20.5 x 17 in.
Delilah as the Sphinx
copper coated steel,26 x13 x11 inches, front

Throne of the Sunqueen
Rutgers University Alexander Library collection
 Detail, Transcending Effort
steel, 110 x 15 x 15 inches,
Housatonic Museum, Bridgeport, CT collection