Suzanne Benton . Paintings
In my early years, I was a painter of trees,
abstracts, landscapes, and imaginary portraits
with surrealist tendencies. Now honed by an
eventful life in art, the work reshapes
influences absorbed over time into the present
work. My 2011 art working journey in India
and Bangladesh has inspired directions. These
too add to the mix that is finding its way in my
upcoming painting

"After reentering the world of drawing through
series of pastel portraits in the early to
mid-nineties, Benton began painting again in
1997. Her recent paintings reflect an increased
interest in the natural landscape, often depicting
trees and other phenomena in ways that bring
to mind the luminosity of the earlier paintings
but evince an even deeper sense of
connectedness and mystery. Road Angel
(2001) depicts a goddess-like figure whose
huge face dominates the sky and road. She
shines her unearthly light down the highway.
The Dream (2002) is a poignant vision of male
and female union, a sleeping couple embracing
under a tree. Once again the setting is
otherworldly, the sky a golden haze. Through
these lyrical landscapes, Benton conveys her
encounters with the natural world."                   
                                     Dr. Elinor Gadon
The Seeing Tree, mixed media diptych
48 x 24 inches
The Dragon’s Door, oil on canvas, 16 x 19 7/8 inches
The Gift II, oil on canvas, 40x30 inches
Krishna, acrylic and pastel, 24x18 inches
Tree Silhouettes and the Gray Mountain, pastel, 19 x 24 inches
Solo, acrylic, pastel and wax, 19  x 24 inches
Aria, Acrylic, pastel and wax, 19  x 24 inches
Woman by the Window, oil on canvas paper, 24 x 19 inches
Turning Point, fixed pastel, 19 x 24 inches
Bird Woman, oil on canvas, 30x24 inches
Mountain to Stream, pastel, 19 x 24 inches
From the Ireland Series, Custom House Artist Residency. Westport, County Mayo
From the Taos Series (artist residency, Helene Wurltizer Foundation)
The Women's Car, acrylic and pastel, 24x18 inches
From the Ridgefield, CT Studio, The Rembrandt Series
Ridgefield Studio Paintings
2011 South Asia Paintings
Cosmos, acrylic and pastel, 24x18 inches