Create a Secret Box your Hopes and Dreams
  A weekend or five-day workshop with Suzanne Benton
       Take charge of your life with self-created symbols and stories
in this process-oriented workshop of personal focus and
transformation. You will experience imagery, improvisation and
sharing techniques that will help you to define and deepen your
values and express your hopes and dreams for the future. The
structure, design and decoration of your simple to make Secret
Future Box will then effortlessly take its unique form. This is a
hands-on creativity workshop that taps into archetypal legacies and
the processes of self-discovery. Guided imagery and journaling help
unfurl and clarify your life story, bringing you deeply into your
inner wisdom where you can decide what to retain and what to
shed in your life. Group exercises stimulate your concentration as
you create the shapes, symbols and writings to place in your
self-created secret box.
       Symbolic objects touch the root of consciousness and are
traditionally preserved and revered. In this spirit, we seal our
personal boxes at the close of the workshop. They  are to remain
closed until a future date chosen by its creator. In the interim, the
box and its hidden messages become gentle reminders of our
cherished values. Participants bring personally selected materials
for stitching, joining and coloring. Some materials will be provided,
and a supply list will be sent to bring to the workshop.
       Suzanne Benton is a multi-culturalist whose venues as an
artist and workshop leader stretch beyond her native New York
City to cities and villages in Africa, India, and Nepal, and
philosophy and education portals from Calcutta to Cambridge. A
sculptor, mask maker, mask performance artist, painter and
printmaker, Suzanne draws inspiration from the great mythic
traditions, world history, literature, and life stories. A former
Fulbright Scholar (India, 1992), resident artist at Harvard
University (1997) and recipient of numerous grants and awards,
she has been creating innovative locked and later to be opened
Secret Future Works for 17 years.
Suzanne Benton
Secret Future Workshop, Mumbai WMCA. India, February, 2011